Workers in the United States are protected by a number of state and federal laws aimed at keeping employers honest and fair. These laws include employment termination laws – that is, laws that govern how and why an employer can fire or terminate you from employment. Although most employers are fair and play by the rules, there are some employers who will fire employees for reasons prohibited by law, and that’s where the law firm of Robert David Baker, Inc. comes in. We have been helping your fellow Bay Area and San Jose residents for more than 30 years, to ensure that employees are treated fairly every step of the way, including when and after they are terminated from employment. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff are experienced wrongful termination lawyers, and our firm specializes in labor and employment law. We know the laws, and we are here to aggressively fight for your rights under the law.

What does “Wrongful Termination” mean?

Wrongful termination is a legal term – it doesn’t apply to every employment termination that an employee feels is unfair or undeserved. Wrongful termination is legally defined as one that has violated either California state law, or federal employment or discrimination laws. The law firm of Robert David Baker, Inc. knows both state and federal employment law, and is your trusted Bay Area employment law experts. We are labor attorneys, ready to fight aggressively for you, to restore your good name and your solid and positive employment history.

What are some examples of wrongful termination under California law?

Some examples of wrongful terminations under California law include:

  • Terminating an employee based to their gender
  • Terminating an employee due to their sexual orientation
  • Terminating an employee based on her pregnancy
  • Terminating an employee based on their race or national origin
  • Terminating an employee based on their age (applies only to workers over the age of 40)
  • Terminating an employee based on their marital status (or lack of marital status)
  • Terminating an employee who was engaged in whistle-blowing or terminating an employee as an act of retaliation for the employee’s complaint against any illegal, fraudulent or unethical behavior by the employer or other employees. This applies even if the employee’s original complaint about illegal, fraudulent or unethical behavior by the employer or other employees turns out to be unfounded, as long as the employee has a reasonable belief that the behavior they complained about was truly illegal
  • Terminating an employee for refusing to violate a law.
  • How can the law firm of Robert David Baker, Inc. help me if I have been wrongfully terminated?

The law firm of Robert David Baker, Inc. is an experienced, local employment law firm – simply put, this is what we do, every single day. We know how to review an employment termination to determine if it was wrongful or not, through statistical evidence of wrongdoing, comparative evidence and direct evidence that the termination falls under the legal definition of wrongful termination.

Some employers believe that they are above the law, or believe that their employees will not research their employment rights, which is why you need an experienced wrongful termination lawyer on your side. If you have been terminated by your employer and believe that your termination was wrongful and illegal, or that a fellow employee’s termination was wrongful and illegal, please call us at (408) 251-3400 to discuss what rights you may have under California or federal law.